10 VS 1,000,000

For every 10 of them that travel abroad for medical attention,
1,000,000 of us suffer and many die in the “thing” they left here called Hospital.
For every 10 of their children, they send abroad to study,
1,000,000 of us suffer untold pains due to the ASUU strike and our crazy condition of learning.
For every 10 of them that are massively protected with State funds,
1,000,000 of us are robbed, molested, kidnapped and killed with little or no help from any quarters.
For every 10 of them that get juicy employment or contract,
1,000,000 of us roam the streets with zero account balance.
For every 10 Agberos, they send to the streets,
1,000,000 drivers and commuters pay through their nose
While law enforcement agents look the other way.
For every 10 of them that put workers’ salary or pension into a fixed deposit or private account,
1,000,000 of us become terribly hungry, many become ill and some even die.
For every 10 of them that constructs “expressways” that fail in less than 2 years,
1,000,000 of us lose our cars, legs and lives.
For every 10 “fantastic projects” they siphon its money,
1,000,000 of us are forced to carry the heavy burdens such a project would have lifted.
For every 10 of them that travel abroad to enjoy themselves,
1,000,000 of us go to bed on empty stomach.
For every 10 of them that are connected to NEPA’s special lines,
1,000,000 of us wallow in darkness and are forced to enjoy the “treat”.

But should this rubbish stop?

Then, let the 10s vote for them and let the 1,000,000s vote for us!
Enough is enough!!!