Your Excellency, is that you?
Although I told you yesterday that eggs, beans and beer don’t go together,
You ignored me. Don’t worry, it smells nice.
I like it.

Paat, frurr!
Your Excellency, is that you again?
You have added other swags to your regular concoction.
It smells like lavender.
Your boys like it.

Paat, frurr, tomboo!
Your Excellency, Your Excellency,
This one is strong,
Although it has killed all the insects in the room,
The people are super excited that such a powerful aroma comes from you wonderful anus.
They like it.

Paat, frurr, tomboo, gassss!
Your Excellency, I am suffocating.
I don’t know who to blame. Your intestine or your anus?
All the crops and animals in the streets are now lifeless.
But still my Oga, the people are jumping and dancing.
The sound of your fart is the best music they have ever heard.

Paat, frurr, tomboo, gassss, gboa!
Your Excellency, I need a respiratory mask. The Hydrogen Sulfide
In your thing has now become too much.
Humans are now dying.
But my Oga, as long as it is from you …