Our great friend, Mr NEPA died many years back
But his ghost is yet to rest.
His burial ceremony was the most ignoble in our land
200 million people came out to honour him at death
But majority returned home complaining and complaining
The 3 stages of his burial rites were all messed up and messed down.

Less than 100 cooks were hired to cook tons and tons of food
Charcoal was ignored, although it filled our land
Gas Cookers were engaged but never enough
The water supply was grossly inadequate
The Sun too was ignored, although it would have helped to do some cooking
At the end of the cooking, only a few tons of foods were edible
Many, half-cooked
And plenty of raw foodstuffs ended up in private homes.


To move the few cooked tones to the burial venue, what another disaster
Few Pickup Vans were engaged to lift the food instead of Trailers.
Overloading made the van’s tyres shoot Banger indiscriminately
Priceless time was wasted replacing tyres
Food got to the venue almost soured.
The worse is yet to come.

Serving 200 million hungry mouths is no joke
Few ushers were on the ground to distribute
Many stole rather than serve
The few that served, fed the already fed first
Before giving the remnant to a few of the hungry
Those that got nothing began to shout

Tell me, how will his ghost ever rest when with anger
Over a million persons shout his name every day?
How will his ghost rest when the Chief Cook at his burial preparations at some point was a Bricklayer,
At other points, was a thief who stole like silly
And at some other point, he had a chicken heart that could not bark
When cooks and ushers stole and stole?

How will his ghost know peace when Alagbada Ina walks gracefully in the midst of Thunder
Is not happy with him and is set to deadly strike all those that stole and recklessly squandered
The food that was meant for all?

But the trillion naira question is:
Who will manfully and honestly coordinate the burial rites of our dear friend,
Mr NEPA so that his ghost can rest in peace?

When he is finally laid to rest,
The light of great prosperity will flood the land of Green and White.

Again, the question is:
Who will Bell the cat?