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The author got the inspiration to write this book when he read Chinua Achebe’s The Trouble with Nigeria. How come that in the comity of nations, a country like Nigeria that is amazingly blessed with natural and human resources, now repeatedly top the charts in the negatives? Should the blame be left at the doorsteps of the leaders or are the followers now co-culprits? Is variation in religion and tribe the main cause of our backwardness as opined by a set of people or is there more to it than the eyes can readily see? What truly are our problems and how do we solve them on a practical and realistic note? From an unbiased and well-researched view, the Author has penned down-solid answers to these (and many other crucial) questions. He sees and talks about truths that the originators/perpetrators of our backwardness and the prime bene ciaries of our commonwealth will not want to be let out of the bag. They will gladly pay a king’s ransom to veil the truth in this book but it is too late. Read it, get inspired and be determined to make a positive impact on our dear nation.

Our tomorrow can and will be better than our today if we objectively read this book and apply its lessons appropriately.