Unpopular political parties in Nigeria will pull a massive surprise #OsiriameObalabi #VillageSquareAfrica

On 20th June 2022, Osiriame Obalabi O. Edeipo was one of the Distinguished Guests on the News Central Television Station program named Village Square Africa.

He opined that there is an excellent possibility that relatively unpopular political parties in Nigeria will pull a massive surprise in the forthcoming general election because all over the nation, Nigerians have had an awful taste in the governing style of the two major ruling political parties. His striking statement is, “It is not the size of a dog in a fight that matters but the size of the fight in the dog.”

Listen to the entire interview for better insights (Nigeria 2023 Elections: Building A Third Force | VSA) 👉🏼 https://youtu.be/NRRKO20RvtU video credit: News Central TV


Osiriame Obalabi O. Edeipo is currently the Edo State Chairman of one of Nigeria’s 18 registered political parties, BOOT PARTY. He is also the Edo North Senatorial Candidate of the party.

BOOT means Because Of Our Tomorrow, and this party is arguably the most IT-compliant political party in Nigeria.

The BOOT party is one of Nigeria’s most credible political licensed parties and has a transparent practice of electing its leaders or candidates for offices during Direct Primaries.

BOOT Party stands for Fiduciary, Obedience & Service. Her contributions to the present Electoral Act (which has increased INEC readiness to conduct free and fair elections have been) very tremendous.