9ja matter no dey finish
E bi like a circle
If you start for one place
You go waka waka waka so tai
You go meet at the same place again

What if a big and small man for 9ja stops to dey collect a bribe?
What if bail for 9ja true true na free?
What if policemen complete salary, uniform, stationaries, fuel money, etc dey true true reach each of them hand?
What if government contractors dey true true get more than 98% of the money wai dey suppose pay them take do work?
What if lecturers for 9ja no dey take bribe again in cash or in-kind?
What if NEPA soji himself and light come dey shine wan wan non-stop for 9ja?
What if 98% of 9ja roads make sense?
What if electric train enter 9ja and come dey work as e dey work for yankee?
What if 9ja drivers no dey blow one way or beat traffic again?
What if politicians for 9ja no dey carry ballout box or rig elections again?
What if 9ja yahoo boys begin use their brain take build better machines?
What if Pastors, Imams and Babalawos for 9j true true dey fear God and teach 9jarians to fear God too?
What if at all level for 9ja, free chop chop no dey for politics again?
What if that blind woman of justice wai hold scale for one hand and sword for the other hand true true no dey fear face again for 9ja?
What if people for 9ja no dey vote for person again because of tribe or religion but because of the person character, hardwork and brain? What if all governors comot eyes from Local Government body and Local Government too true true dey work for the good of our grassroots?
What if prisoner’s food true true dey reach their mouth and them dey teach them good handwork and character as they supposed to dey teach them?
What if our soldiers completely defeat Boko Haram and other terrorist group for 9ja?
What if we begin take kidnappers and their families eyes see watin them dey to do others?
What if 9jarians no dey collect money again to take vote for person?
What if all government workers begin to dey do their work as dey true true suppose to dey do am?
What if we stop Constituency Allowance wai many legislators don turn to PPM (Private Pocket Money)?
What if we comot eyes from crude oil and develop other yafu yafu mineral resources wai Baba God give us?
What if we get leaders wai want make e true true better for all 9jarians and not make e better for only them, their families and their cabal?
What if 9jarians true true begin dey belief say bad bad things dey wait for bad man when him die?
What if 9ja stop to dey borrow borrow?
What if we soji our farmers so tai food come true true sara for 9ja and we come dey export the plenty wai remain?
What if…

If we do half of watin I talk, 9ja go change for good no bi small.
If we do all, 9ja go better pass Yankee.

Broda, Aunti,
Whart if YOU and ME begin dey change all our bad bad ways to good ones?
Reason am well, well.